I’ve been using the Art Weaver software program to teach my computer design students more about graphic design. So far, the workshop is going very well. I love it and the students are oozing creativity while learning this terrific free graphics program. Art weaver can be downloaded free here. http://www.artweaver.de/

There’s a real lack of art weaver tutorials out there on the www, and since I’ve been putting these tutorials together to help me be more prepared each week with my students, I figured I would offer them to you also. Hopefully you will find use and enjoyment from them.

Bookmark this page and come back for new additions later. I have a new lesson each week. Better yet, sign up for my news and be notified when I have updated this site with new tutorials.

These tuts are all in PDF. If you don’t have a PDF viewer, you can download one free here.

Digital Calligraphy
Abstract Art
Sci-Fi Creations
Art Parade
Photo Editing Basics
Layer Properties
Creative self portrait

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