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The word “Avatar” is used to describe an image, icon or other virtual representation of a person. Avatars can be quite fun to design and you don’t need Photoshop skills to get started! For this type of designing you just need the Internet and your favorite photo of your lovely mug. If you’ve got that covered, then you’ll soon be on your way to transforming your profile into a great looking cartoon-like custom caricature, uniquely you, for use on your blog, social networks, chat and more.

There are several choices online when creating your new custom avatar. Though some sites, like zwinky.com and mywebface.com have toolbar downloads as part of their free program use agreement, there are many that do not. For example, over at cartoon.pho.to, not only can you cartoon your face, but you can morph it with animated effects like a smile or a wink. And, at befunky.com, you can cartoon your photo, but why stop there? If you have some time, stay a while and try out their Inkify, OilPainting, Popart, Sketcher and a couple-dozen other design options.

Sometimes, you aren’t required to begin creating your avatar from a photo. If you feel comfortable winging it, you can cartoon yourself from scratch. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out a new eye or hair color? Haha.. Now is your opportunity! At faceyourmanga.com, you start with basically just a head and customize from there. You can even add a background, clothes and makeup. A couple of other fun avatar design sites are doppelme.com and tektek.org/dream.

There are of course more out there and not too hard to find with a simple google search. Some will require registration before use and some even come with required software download as mentioned above. Some will cartoon your features mildly (from a photo) while others allow you to completely redesign your look from top to bottom. It really depends on the type of look you are after. Try a couple out, for the fun of it and see what you like.

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