There’s always something new (online) with me each week, but taking the time to get on here and update is my challenge. This week I was busy pulling together a new page, updating a squidoo page I’d totally forgotten I had, and creating a very personal blog article that included photos and results of my health journey over the last 17 months. Let me show you:

What 110 Pound Weight Loss Looks Like,

What 110 Pound Weight Loss Looks Like,

This post, at, was the result of a personal lifestyle change and transformation I experienced over the last – almost year and a half. The changes I made were “drastic” i think some may say, but to me – they were necessary, important and could even have saved my life. I go into great detail of what changes I made and how they affected me, over the last few years. I include a before and after photo too. Writing this post was therapeutic too, as it made me go back and examine some things I hadn’t recalled in some time. Showing and sharing my “before” photo was hard though. The photo still makes me sad, but at the same time, I’m thankful I finally work up from the unhealthy funk I was in for way too long! from karlyn

Karlyn on

I’m a total newb to When I checked out the site for the first time this week; I was intrigued with it’s purpose. The template allows you to create your own online newspaper. Fill it with content from your own sources, a friends, favorite places online, etc. The site pulls content from the URL’s you feed it, including an image. You have control over how you want it displayed and the frequency of your newspaper’s updates. Visitors can subscribe to stay updated with the new content displayed each day, weekly, or whatever. One of the most impressive things I noted right away was now seriously easy the system is to use. There are no complicated controls the newbie will get lost in. Use the handy + shortcut for your browser and pin content effortlessly in seconds while you browse the www.

Karlyn on Squidoo

Karlyn’s Squidoo lenses

Silly me, but I’d attempted this Squidoo a few years ago and then got side-tracked. So; I took the opportunity this week to spend some quality time with it. My main Squidoo is about Karlyns across the web. The name itself is not too common as you may have guessed, so I shared some info about the different Karlyns I’ve met online since 2004, “Karlyn” products that are featured online, and then of course own sites that feature the name. There’s a poll there and some other fun stuff too. Squidoo’s have been around for a while now. If you are not familiar with the site, it’s a handy tool for people who want to share all kinds of ideas. You can create pages, called “Lenses”, about practically any topic under the sun. There are a lot of layout configurations, addons and widgets you can include along with your basic topic title and description, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s totally free and allows the user a good, quality way to get there content online for all to view.

I do work full time in retail by the way, but when I get home from work, I get busy with my “fun work”, which is my websites, my blogging, my freelance advertising and design work, etc.. I love it. So each week, I continue to update my other websites.. .com’s I’ve had since 2000. The following sites all have some worthwhile updates of their own that I hope you’ll take a moment to check out as well. They may not be featured like my top-three above, but they are nonetheless important to me. They are all my babies.. lol.

New at – And just in time for the hot summer sun (at least it’s hot out here in So. Cal already!)
Sun Safety For Kids: 4 Ways To Protect Your Kids From The Sun

New at – Wahm (work at home Mom) info and resources updated usually twice weekly. This most recent one being about how moms can make money helping other moms.

New at – Are you new to Feng Shui? It was the topic of my last post at LPP (Live Peace and Passion). Feng Shui is an art form and can help promote peace in the home. At LPP this week, you can Learn to Feng Shui

New at – Cholesterol is a topic I bring up at maybe more frequently than other topics.. can you blame me? It seems everyone is battling high cholesterol, but there are so many natural ways to help conquer it which I’ve posted in the past. In one of this week’s articles, I posted what to expect from a life with high cholesterol.

New at – I had some fun creating wahm graphics in the past and plan to create more soon, so I was revisiting this topic on a recently post at If you are looing for ways to share your pride in being a work at home mom, check out my newest article at wahm buds titled Work at home? Celebrate your wahm pride.

New at Rewards Blog – And just today, I updated my oldest site (established in 2000) with some fresh coupons that mom can use on her next grocery shopping trip. You can see what’s posted there if you follow this link to Fresh coupons for 4-29.

As always, thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, sharing! I appreciate you!


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