karlyn I had the pleasure of attending Greg LaVoi’s launch of his new line of designs inspired by someone in my own family. My great-aunt Irene Lentz has been gone now, for over four decades.. but not forgotten. Since I started my Irene-Lentz.com site back in 2009, I have had the pleasure of meeting (online and off) many Irene fans, a couple of authors and several talented individuals in the media and design world. I’ve received wonderful letters and testimonials from these folks reminiscing on their respect and love of Irene’s talent and skill in fashion design. It’s such a gift to hear this. Over the years; I’ve learned so much from the amazing people who have taken the time to write and share the results of their experience, connections to Irene Lentz, their years of research, projects and/or their writings related to my aunt. I’m truly honored.

irene-portrait2 Hollywood limelight was probably a weekly event in my great-aunts life. I imagine Irene rubbing elbows with celebrities was a pretty common occurrence in her career as a Hollywood Fashion Designer. I have seen the list of movies she worked on and incredible actresses she dressed. It’s a life and time I can only imagine.. from what I know of Hollywood, the photos I’ve seen from Irene’s personal collection, and stories I’ve heard from my mother and grandmother.

Most recently, I walked the red carpet at Greg’s design launch. Fun? You bet! The whole event was just amazing and Greg’s design line was phenomenal.. seriously. It was an honor to Irene and a pleasure to be a part after all these years. It is especially gratifying to think that this launch of new, reinvented designs, inspired by my aunt Irene, will be available to the public via Greg’s “Irene by Greg LaVoi”. New generations of people and designers will have the chance to get to know Irene Lentz, the original, through Greg’s very talented and thoughtful work. I imagine now, that the Irene Legacy will continue to thrive for years to come and that is something very impressive to look forward to.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contacted me regarding your interests and connections to my great-aunt. I respond to all communications I receive and they continue to intrigue and delight me. Thank you for your time and oh-so-kind words.

These (below) are some additional images I personally took of the red carpet. If you care to see more from this awesome event, click to this link of my photos of the Irene by Greg LaVoi Fashion Show. Thank you and enjoy!

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