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I’ve started designing my own custom themes for WordPress. Though I know HTML like the back of my hand, it’s only recently I’ve been feeling more comfortable with CSS, which is the design structure of WordPress. So creating these themes is new (for me!), fun and I plan to continue doing it, so I thought I’d make a formal post about it.

I like that I can control so many design elements through CSS and then include my own graphic design choices in the background and header, as in the example above which I created for my website. It’s about time really. I’ve been using WordPress software for most of my sites for years now. I have enjoyed using many wonderful themes offered by other talented designers and always thought: “Someday…” Well someday is now, and over the last few weeks, I jumped in and started creating.

I plan to overhaul the look of all my own domains over time, but for now, I have most of them converted to some of my first custom designs. I created a Themes page so that I would have a designated area for sharing new theme designs and then, after a while.. offer them to others for use on their own websites and blogs.

That’s the plan anyway. If you have a chance, let me know what you think. Thanks!

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